Feb 22, 2018

Do You Have the IIIIT Factor of Executive Presence?

Image, Impress, Impact and Influence. The tag line on my logo is Impress, Impact, Influence …Shine. With the intention to help and inspire you to do that through my speaking, workshops, coaching and consulting. ..

Feb 15, 2018

The Six Keys to Unlock Your Charisma

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? For some it’s the day we celebrate romance, often over a romantic dinner with that special someone or where we send flowers and cards to those we would like to become more romantically involved with. I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful bunch of long-stemmed red roses on Valentine’s Day 25 years ago from an admirer who became my husband. (Still is!) So what sets one person apart from the others and makes them stand out from a long list of admirers? he he! What is charisma and how do we get it? Is it really an elusive concept and even a characteristic that is necessary?  ..

Feb 08, 2018

Seven Tips to Shine as a Speaker

A highlight for me this week has been conducting my Speak for Success, presentation skills coaching program for a client. The company has their inaugural conference coming up and the presenters wanted to fine-tune their skills. The business is thriving and the management team are all successful professionals but the one thing that they all felt uncomfortable with was being on stage and speaking. ..

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