Jul 19, 2018

Does your Digital Footprint Display Your Personal Best?

Your digital footprint and social media profile is the often first impression a person makes about you. It is built online and the best way to check that online presence is to google yourself. Did you just do that? What comes up? ..

Jul 12, 2018

Confident and Credible Communication Will Help You Shine

Every contact, every touch point such as e-mail, voicemail, phone calls you make, and your social media footprint creates impressions that build your brand and image. As mentioned in last week’s blog, I believe we need to be mindful of the ABCD’s of our personal brand management. A is for appearance and B is for behaviour or gravitas which also come under the umbrella of executive presence. ..

Jul 05, 2018

Here Are Four Tips to Help You Project Brand Presence

One of my work highlights recently was conducting a workshop for a leading club in Sydney on presenting five-star brand presence. ..

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