Public Relations to Build
Brand Visibility and Business

Are you getting the media coverage you desire? In this program, you will discover what is unique about you, your business, product or service and how to publicise it to gain increased media attention and potentially $$$$ of free promotion.

Your image or "brand" needs to be communicated to gain recognition of the product or service you offer. Implementing a public relations strategy is a relatively simple, inexpensive and effective way of getting your message out there.

You will learn how to master the media, be your own publicist and generate interest in you or your business through public relations strategy and personal promotion.

This program in educational, interactive and entertaining and is ideal for in-house marketers, independent entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to grow their business through media coverage or wants to develop more of an understanding of how the media works.

Public Relations to Build Brand Visibility and Business can be customised as a keynote, break-out seminar, half or full day workshop and as one-one coaching. Delivered by Sue Currie, a former VP of Public Relations and award-winning publicist, she will share with you some of the ways you can increase media coverage of you or your business.

  • Understand what public relations is and how it can work for you
  • Strategies to gain build buzz through PR communication and increase business visibility
  • How to write media releases that get published
  • How to craft newsworthy, key messages
  • Gain confidence and clarity on how to communicate the product or service you offer
  • Put theory into practice and develop a PR campaign
  • Understand social media influence and different digital channels
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