Shine Personal Branding

If you are an executive or manager with leadership potential, entrepreneur or self-employed professional you need to stand out as the "go to" person in your field. To become top of mind with your target audience requires the establishment of an influential and compelling personal brand.

Brand communication is more than just saying something to a group of people. It's about communicating the inner essence of you – your uniqueness, positive qualities, strengths, skills and passions, not only through verbal communication but also visual, vocal and social.

The Shine Personal Branding System™ is a step-by-step program delivered over several months that exposes and nurtures your point of difference to emerge into a focused, differentiated, specifically targeted brand. A well-conceived brand articulated through your Signature Statement and communicated to your audience, says what you stand for and the value you bring in a unique and compelling way.

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In the Shine Personal Branding intensive coaching program, Sue Currie will help you to:

  • Understand your authentic personal brand
  • Craft a truly marketable public "persona"
  • Implement strategies for improving your professional image
  • Develop executive presence and/or business networking skills
  • Solidify your market niche
  • Clearly differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence
  • Devise a suitable social media profile
  • Create a personal PR and brand communication plan

If you are a high achieving individual who would like to raise your profile, increase your influence or invest in yourself through this elite program, contact us to see if our personal branding consultation, process and fees will suit you.

Call now on 1300 723 713 to arrange an obligation free 20 minute call or contact us to book in a time to chat.