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Sue Currie is known as an authority on personal branding to boost your image, brand and business. Sue delivers keynotes and online presentations on brand impressions to enhance influence. Her wealth of knowledge and experience of personal branding and image management, has engaged conference and business audiences and aided her clients’ success.

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For Corporate
For Corporate

We help business owners and corporate executives create lucrative connections with your clients by delivering workshops and professional development programs to elevate your team's personal brand, professional image, presentation brand and professional impressions. By developing a confident, clear brand presence your influence and profit is enhanced.

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For Individuals
For Individuals

Sue Currie’s one-on-one image, style and personal brand services will elevate your brand, image impact and reputation. Whether it is communicating your brand essence, enhancing your style and image; developing presentation skills or creating brand recognition, this individual coaching is personalised to suit your needs.

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View Sue Currie TV where my aim is to inspire and guide you to develop your personal brand, image, communication and impact to ... Shine.

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Sue’s worked with

  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Chemproo Chemist
  • SYC
  • The Epping Club
  • Community College Northern Inland
  • MTA
  • MQ
  • Box Hill
  • La Trobe
  • Cooper Grace
  • Nutrica
  • PCO
  • CA
  • Gartner
  • GSK
  • AIM
  • Cerebos
  • PWC
  • AMP
  • Westpac

what client’s say

The keynote was fantastic. You covered all the major points we wanted our students to hear. I believe the students will consider their professional brand more and understand that everything you do, particularly your professional image makes a difference. The students polled, strongly agreed that the information would help with their future careers. I would recommend this presentation to others as you showed you cared about our students and very nicely tailored the keynote to cover everything we wanted to get across. Jennifer Burke, The University of Southern Queensland

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Sue's advice and assistance in refreshing my personal brand image was invaluable. As a real estate agent in a highly competitive area, Sue guided me through the process to update my personal style in a way that helped me to stand out from the crowd, yet still reflect my own personality. My confidence levels have improved with the style changes and the results from the photo shoot were very pleasing.

K. Marlow
Real Estate Agent

In just a few sessions, Sue puts all of your public speaking fears at ease, she wholeheartedly invests in making sure your presentation is a success. She uses her expertise to help you transform your basic ideas and notes into an energetic and engaging presentation. Her coaching and advice have helped us take our presentation skills to a much higher level and for that we are truly grateful.

B. Olsen
Chempro Chemists Qld Pty Ltd

Sue’s guidance has been invaluable! I knew I needed a plan and clear direction to achieve my strategic goals and establish myself as a leader within a new community. I needed a brand coach to help me understand more about myself, my tendencies and preferences, and how they fit in my new environment, as well as the opportunities that I could take advantage of to connect strongly with other leaders and key stakeholders.

S. Capewell
Goulburn Valley Water

Thank you for helping our team to understand and reflect our core purpose, to Deliver a 5 Star Experience. What they liked was learning about brand awareness and the different ways it can impact a business; our strength and weakness and the fact that we need to brand ourselves and the Club. I would recommend this workshop as I am happy with the positive outcome. It opened people's minds to our bigger objective.

R. Landers
The Epping Club

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