Hi, I’m Sue Currie, thank you for visiting my online home and directory of programs and products to help you shine. I love working with corporate women and men, business owners and entrepreneurs to help you present an influential professional image and brand.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions you are in the right place.

  • What is my personal brand and how do I differentiate myself from the competition?
  • How do I help my team to step up and communicate the value they bring by presenting their personal brand best?
  • How can I create a distinct look for my brand through image and style so everything reflects my brand?
  • How can I build important business relationships through confident public speaking or video presenting?
  • Where can I find personal styling and image consulting services to help me plan, shop and enhance my professional impact through my corporate wardrobe?

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We help you to shine through:

* Corporate workshops to help your team put their best brand and image forward
* Keynote speaking, online presenting, breakouts at conferences, workshops, and retreats
* Personal branding, image and style consulting to help you shine

Here is a little more about my background. I live on Queensland’s Gold Coast and travel throughout Australia and internationally speaking and delivering my programs. I have presented speeches to thousands of audience members from Moree to Mexico and have helped many people create meaningful stand out brands.

I know that it’s more than just delivering a message… it is about really living it. My professional career includes the executive leadership role of VP of Public Relations and Communications in a corporate environment, to small business owner, public relations consultant, ABC TV entertainment publicist, TV newsreader and an early stint as a fashion model. My whole career has been about helping others to enhance image, build reputation and recognition to shine.

I continue my professional development and education through membership of the Association of Image Consultants International and Professional Speakers Australia.

I have a passion to inspire young girls and women to “have a go” through increased self-esteem. Read more in my latest book IMPRESSario where I also share more of my life story. I share a regular newsletter with tips to help you shine… Subscribe to newsletter and you will also recieve a copy of my eBook, the Secret to Your Personal Brand Revolution.