Shine Consulting

Sue Currie specialises in helping business leaders and entrepreneurs to elevate and position an impactful professional brand.

We take a three-point approach to help you establish and grow your brand whether it is a personal brand or professional, business brand.

  1. Pinpointing your brand by understanding the core elements of your brand; your niche or point of difference and how to position that
  2. Packaging the brand through professional dress and image, executive presence and outstanding presentation skills
  3. Promoting and marketing the brand in person, social branding or mainstream media with high-quality public relations strategies

Everything you do and communicate to external audiences as a company or individual creates impressions that build your brand and ultimate success. Through our practical, implementable solutions we build your personal and professional brand, image and reputation.

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Shine Personal Branding

Elevate your Impact and Influence

We offer an in-depth, individual, one-one guided coaching program using our Shine Personal Branding System, an 8-step strategy to establish and grow your personal brand.

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Executive Image Management

Dress to Enhance and Impress

Your image is vital to the overall impression of your business particularly when client facing, doing media interviews or presenting. Our image consultations help you manage the components of your visual, personal brand from your professional wardrobe to styling your profile photography.

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Public Relations

Media Visibility to Build Reputation

We help you grow your profile and position your brand in the market through media exposure. Through public relations strategy, mentoring and a guided communication plan we assist you to reinforce your key messages and grow market share.

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