Shine Your Corporate Image and Professional Impressions

Let us help your team gain the professional edge to career success.

This professional image development program will help the people in your organisation present themselves with the professional executive presence that internal and external clients want and expect.

We help your team refine the professional interactions that impact your business reputation and relationships and ultimate success. From guidelines to corporate dress, first impression management, to workplace behaviour and business etiquette we will assist your team to project a positive image and put their best foot forward.

This workshop will provide all employees, or your emerging leaders and graduates, a helpful professional development opportunity that will boost confidence and add value to their career and own professional growth.

Shine Your Corporate Image and Professional Impressions is presented as either a half or one day program, custom-designed with a selection of modules to suit your needs.

  • First impression – initial impact and presence
  • Corporate image and professional dress guidelines
  • The importance of personal presentation and grooming
  • The business etiquette of wining, dining and functions
  • Appropriate behaviour and manners in the workplace
  • Managing your personal brand in a digital world
  • Networking confidence – introductions, handshakes and small talk

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Thank you for helping our team to understand and reflect our core purpose, to Deliver a 5 Star Experience. They are also presenting themselves more aligned with the uniform guidelines. What they liked most about the training was; learning about the brand awareness and the different ways it can impact a business; our strength and weakness and the fact that we need to brand ourselves and the Club. I would recommend this workshop as I am happy with the positive outcome. It opened people’s minds to our bigger objective and they are still talking about it weeks later. R. Landers, The Epping Club.

Are you a corporate executive who would like individual image consulting? Or if you have a team member who would like individual attention then one-one Style and Image Management could suit you.