Needing to build your personal brand to stand out from the crowd? 

Wanting to reinvent and present your personal best image? 

Afraid that past experiences or circumstances are holding you back? 

Looking to promote you or your business but just don't know how?

IMPRESSario– Present and Promote the Star Within You. Is for you!

About the book:

If you're looking for encouragement on your career or entrepreneurial journey; inspiration to keep going and practical steps and action plans to succeed, this book is for you. 

IMPRESSario is the title of my book and it is a play on the word impresario, the producer or director of a theatrical production and the word impress. It is a book about how you can make an impression, make your mark, be the person you are destined to be.

Through reading IMPRESSario, you will understand how combining these elements will produce a personal brand and a business that will be successful for you and will fulfil your ambitions.

In IMPRESSario I also share my personal journey. Any theatrical production has its share of dramas and IMPRESSario does too. It is the first time I have told my background story of overcoming early heartache to eventually realising a successful career. It is also an account of what I have experienced and observed from others about what it takes to make it on your entrepreneurial journey.

The book is not just about my story. It is also designed to be a practical and useful guide for you. I provide you with the tools, tips and plans to implement so you can grow a memorable brand and successful business. My book progresses through three areas: like an opera impresario or theatre director, your path will go from: (1) Behind the Scenes to (2) Preparing for the Role and then on to (3) Showtime.

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Through reading IMPRESSario you will learn how to:

  • identify your personal brand 
  • uncover you star quality
  • develop your signature style
  • market yourself
  • produce a stand-out brand and business

Most of face struggles in our daily life that may hinder our progress and prevent us from achieving our goals. In this book, I share my story of sorrow and loss and the realisation that, although your background story contributes to it, it doesn't have to shape your future direction. We've all had stuff happen to us – that's just life.

Sue's story is truly inspirational! Layne Beachley, Seven-time world champion surfer

Such a wonderful blend of strategy and storytelling. Don't let another day go by without discovering and uncovering the person you are destined to be so you may feel fulfilled and leave a  lasting impression on those around you. Julie Cross, Motivational speaker

Sue's uplifting story and practical advice will inspire you on your entrepreneurial journey. She has learnt how to overcome and succeed. Lisa McInnes-Smith, Global keynote speaker

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About the author:

Sue Currie is a businesswoman, speaker, author, consultant, educator and media personality. She is widely recognised as being an authority on personal branding to boost people’s image, brand and business. 

Sue is the founder and leading light behind Shine Academy; providing education, consulting and professional development training on personal branding and public profile solutions to help businesses and entrepreneurs position themselves and present an influential professional brand. 

Sue Currie knows that any business involves more than just delivering a message. It is about really living it … and she walks her talk. Sue has spent many years in the public eye – on camera, on the platform and behind the scenes. From an early start as a fashion model and TV presenter, to Vice President of PR and Communications in a corporate environment, and finally to running her successful consulting business, Sue’s whole career has been about helping others to enhance their image, and build their reputation, credibility and recognition, by harnessing personal and professional public relations skills in order to shine.

As a result of her media profile, practical experience and business success, Sue is considered to be a leading authority on personal branding, having worked with hundreds of clients in the areas of keynote speaking, professional development training and public image consultancy. Her client list ranges from Top 100 Companies, to leading Associations and SMEs.

Sue has appeared on Sky News Business in magazines and newspapers such as Business Review Weekly Vogue Cleo, Marketing Magazine, Dynamic Business, Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald and on Qantas Q Radio.