Presentation Savvy
to Shine in the Spotlight

One important aspect of business success today is the ability to communicate effectively. To stand out and deliver a speech, present your company story via video or manage media interviews, with confidence and presence will enhance your credibility.

Do you need to gain confidence with business presentation skills or when handling media interviews? This training will help you learn how to communicate your key messages and present well on camera or on the platform.

Our presentation skills program is ideal for senior executives and managers, marketing and sales professionals, technical and financial people and others who are required to give professional presentations or are wishing to polish their speaking skills.

Media technique will help you gain confidence when dealing with television and online media. Whether you are making your own videos; presenting the corporate message virtually or being interviewed on air, you can learn the techniques to present well on camera through preparation, confidence and screen presence.

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Presentation Savvy to Shine in the Spotlight This one-one coaching and/or small group training is delivered as a full day or 2 half day sessions and includes a selection of modules including:

  • Presentation Skills – planning, preparation and practise
  • Confidence and handling nerves
  • Capture the attention of your audience
  • Staging and presentation logistics
  • Structuring your presentation
  • Delivery and evaluation
  • Remote and virtual presentation technique
  • Media Technique – preparing for the TV or video camera
  • Develop objectives and key messaging
  • Face the media with confidence
  • YouTube filming fundamentals
  • Voice and delivery skills
  • Look the part of a TV professional

View these videos to learn more about on stage or on screen speaking skills.

How Do I Make Videos Without Feeling Self Conscious?

How Do I Present to Engage My Audience?

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In just a few sessions, Sue puts all of your public speaking fears at ease, she wholeheartedly invests in making sure your presentation is a success. She uses her expertise to help you transform your basic ideas and notes into an energetic and engaging presentation. Her coaching and advice have helped us take our presentation skills to a much higher level and for that we are truly grateful. B. Olsen, Operations Manager, Chempro Chemists