Thursday, July 20, 2017

Video is a Valuable Way to Boost Your Brand

Over the past few weeks I have spent time filming a series of videos to be included on my website. I am also excited to announce the launch of Your Nook, Look and Hook my free video training series to help you build a stand out personal brand. I worked with Kerrin Smith, Photography and Fine Art who was wonderfully professional and the process was quite speedy and enjoyable. 

I also felt quite comfortable as I have worked in TV and done television commercials before; admittedly not for some time but it was a great opportunity for me to refresh my skills in presenting to camera and walk my talk as presenting is an element of communication which I teach in my workshops and personal brand consulting.

There is some difference between television presenting and video production; essentially your message is slightly different.

Mainstream networks where it is a television or radio interview or video channel interview; you are informing your audience. You are creating a story of interest that will firstly capture the media journalists or editors interest so they choose your story because it will appeal to their readers or viewers.

On your own TV channel where you control the output; you are also informing your audience but what else do you think you need to do? In crafting the content for your You Tube story; the main principle is to educate an online audience. You know your ideal client and you should be crafting online content for You Tube, blogs, podcasts and eNewsletters that is helping your audience. They simply want to know WIFT.

What is in it for them. Why would they watch. You must show love to your audience and your clients and answer their fears and what is it they want to overcome. As an example the role of an image consultant is more than just dressing people. It’s how the consultant makes people feel. What they have helped the client with. It could be self-esteem issues or confidence to spend money on themselves. Online is quite intimate, you are building a relationship with your audience and they want to know the answers to their questions.  

Some ideas for your video content could be:

  • Success stories of how you’ve helped someone

  • Q & A. Today I’m answering the question of what are the 3 key trends (in your industry)
  • Any sort of tutorial video or a product demo

  • Expert interviews
I hope my videos inform, educate and inspire you to grow your personal brand. Filming my videos is also part of my own personal brand strategy to build my business. What have you done for your brand today? 

3-part video series reveals how you can discover your: NOOK, LOOK, HOOK to build a STAND OUT PERSONAL BRAND. Get your free video training here.

Sue Currie  is a speaker, author, consultant and educator recognised as an authority on personal branding to boost image, profile, brand and business. Through her workshops, professional development programs and brand consulting, Sue help businesses and entrepreneurs position and present an impactful professional brand. 

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