Thursday, April 25, 2019

Five Ways to Renew, Refresh and Invest in You

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter break and managed to spend time with family or friends just like I did. Over the weekend I also happened to tune in to a radio broadcast about how different religions celebrate their particular Holy Day whether that is at this time of year or an alternate date. And for many it is a time of renewal.

I thought I’d incorporate that theme into this blog, as the end of another business quarter has passed, and we tend to look back at our 90-day plan and on any goals or achievements we hoped to reach.

Perhaps you are rethinking your future goals or direction whether that is business or personal, and now might be a good time for that refreshed approach to the remainder of the year.

Reinvention doesn’t happen overnight. It can be a long process and although not easy, certainly one I’d recommend to anyone who feels they need to do something different or are not happy doing what they do now.  It can be painstaking to realise your ambitions and develop your true persona. But doing what you love is beneficial to developing a strong personal brand.

  1. Find your passion at work. How to do that? Do a self-audit, look at your background, what you’ve enjoyed doing in the past, what you’re good at, what you’d really love to do if circumstances were different.

    This is where your self-confidence needs to kick in as well. Learn to identify your positive qualities and project the positive side of you. Often we don’t realise how we come across to other people and for many of us the issue is generally how we feel about ourselves – our self-image. Our self-esteem influences our behaviour, actions, moods and relationships with people.
  2. Make a fabulous first impression. Your personal brand is communicated by how you act. Let more of the authentic you come across – in a mindful way of course. Proudly share your accomplishments and put your opinion across. To regain your mojo, think back to a time when you nailed it, received an award, gave a great presentation or won a piece of business.

    Ask others about themselves and listen to their stories. A polished presence includes awareness of business manners, netiquette and social skills – it’s the ‘little things’ that count.
  3. Invest in you and reinvent your style. Your dress and appearance play a major role in how you express your personal brand. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you well any more. Start afresh and begin to build a wardrobe showing your uniqueness and image you'd like to project.

    Balance your individual style with clothing that will appeal to you but also appropriate for the work you do. Update other items outside of work – new gym clothes or sleepwear. Even a small purchase will revitalise you, your look and how you feel.
  4. Get out there. If you’ve been hiding away behind your campaign plan, it’s time to turn off the computer and social media and connect in person.

    There are networking events on in every town and city and they are a wonderful way to get to know others. Don’t think of networking as prospecting. It is about meeting like-minded people who you can build rapport with and perhaps eventually a working relationship. Be part of your industry association and go along to conferences and regular meetings.

    You will always learn something from these encounters and as a bonus build awareness of you and your brand.
  5. Create visual impact. If you have your own business, your collateral such as logos and brochures reflect the brand, but with your own personal brand, what other images are representing you?

    Is your LinkedIn photo and profile truly reflecting your brand and expertise? Does your Facebook cover photo need a new look? You want to leave the right impression on your clients, customers, employees, media, any visitors and of course YOU.

Does your Personal Brand SHINE?

Sue Currie is a speaker and the author of IMPRESSario, Present and Promote the Star Within You. She is recognised as a leading authority on personal branding to boost image, profile, brand and business. Through her image management programs, workshops, consulting and keynote presentations, Sue helps businesses and entrepreneurs present an influential brand image.

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