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Fear of Facing Lives? These Five Tips will Help

 Fear of Facing Lives? These Five Tips will Help

Getting outside your comfort zone can be a bit scary, but this thing called “life” sometimes pushes us to make change. Now that is a bit of a deep statement when I am relating comfort zone to merely doing a live video on social media channels. It’s not that scary! Yet for a lot of us we put things off for whatever reason, but generally because it makes us feel uncomfortable.

I regularly post recorded videos; I’ve worked in television and understand the influence of visual media and the engagement it creates. Yet I’ve resisted posting ‘lives”. Do you also resist posting live videos?

Is it because of ego; imposter syndrome; thinking I won’t get it right? You no doubt have asked yourself similar questions when faced with appearing in public like on a video or media interview or public speaking.

Everything moves so fast. And the older I get (yes another reason for resisting video!) it seems there is always a new gadget, tech tool or App to keep up with. But what if you or I kept resisting? Well we would still be in the dark ages of lining up in a bank queue or looking for coins to put in a pay phone or stagnating at work because we’re afraid to “give it a go”.

Improving your presentation and video skills will elevate your personal brand, increase your confidence and enhance your leadership presence.

Back to Lives.

The first webinar I did was awful! The first live podcast I did was awful! The first Facebook live I did was awful!

Technology problems mainly (I’m sure you’ve faced that before) and almost no one was watching. So, it really didn’t matter too much and slowly, over time, I have become more confident with these mediums.

As you can see my first attempts were certainly not perfect. But here’s what I’ve researched and discovered.

1. Preparation. I needed to figure out what I was going to say. With Facebook, I decided the topic was First Facebook Live Video with Top 5 Tips. As I hadn’t covered this topic before I did some research. Only a small amount but I found great tips at I then gathered my information and put it into bullet points on a post it note which I stuck to my phone.

I also set up the phone, by an open window for light. I tried a normal video first to check background etc. and then set up my mic and turned on a couple of lamps.

It was then I realised I needed to put in a “catchy” description. Well, I did that sideways as I didn’t want to muck up my set up!

2. Tell people. This one I didn’t do but it is suggested to let your Facebook followers know ahead of time when you are going to be going live. I will do this next time when I’ve determined the best time through checking my page insights. I will also post a reminder to Instagram and in my eNews and other social media sites.

3. Lighting and sound. As I have done video before I know how important it can be and I do have a small clip on mic. Sounds better than an echo chamber. Podcast mics are very popular too. Natural lighting is great and I faced an open window but had an extra desk lamp. I now have professional soft box lights for extra lighting. If you’re filming outside do face the light rather than have your back to it. Also be mindful of a good connection – preferably WIFI.

No one is expecting you to be an art director and have the “set” perfect but be mindful of the background.

4. Engaging content. You need to talk about something that is going to appeal to your viewers – your audience. Give them tips or ideas that will be relevant. I talk about personal branding and under that umbrella I cover the ABCD’s of personal branding for my audience which includes, appearance, brand and behaviour, communication tips and some digital pointers.

You could have a Q & A or a demonstration of some kind – perhaps share the latest trend in your area of expertise. Experiment and be creative to create engagement and interaction.

Engage people by asking questions and acknowledging their comments and welcome them when they do come online.

5. Longer length. I found out that a video of about 10 minutes is a good idea. That seems like a long time to talk but it may take people a while to find you and tune in. The maximum is four hours. I have one comment on my first video about that length of timing that said, “No way could I deal with four hours, although as a training it might work.”

And finally at the end a call to action. Ask people to like and share or tune in next week or whatever action you would like your audience to take.

And then sign out. Don’t do what I did which is turn off the phone without turning off the ”finish” button and show the audience the floor, ceiling and face angles that were not flattering!

Will I share more live video? Yes, I intend to and I will let you know. For now follow along at Sue Currie Personal Brand and Image Management Facebook page.  

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Sue Currie is an image entrepreneur who guides and empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs to have “Spotlight Confidence”. She is passionate about helping professionals elevate their personal and professional brand through her speaking, coaching and training programs on Brand image, Style and Speaking Skills, providing a multi-faceted approach to gain high transformation for her clients.

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