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Do You Have the iiiit Factor of Executive Presence?

 Do You Have the iiiit Factor of Executive Presence?

The tag line on my Sue Currie logo is Impress, Impact, Influence …Shine. With the intention to empower and inspire you to be the best version of you and develop your personal brand. I do that through my speaking, workshops, coaching and consulting.

I don’t believe “impress” to be a dirty word although lately I have noticed a trend toward thinking that, to impress, is being inauthentic or false and perhaps has a negative connotation. Perhaps because sometimes people’s behaviour is intended to impress – or draw attention to themselves. Like a two-year-old child throwing a temper tantrum – it is all about me – I want what I want right now! Or teenagers looking flirty and pouty for the selfie on Facebook. And yes we have all heard of famous celebrities who have figure or face enhancing alterations all to add to their power of doing nothing more than impress for shock value.


The true intent for me is to stand out and be more influential by being the best version of you. Yes – you will impress and have impact and be remembered. It is about enhancing what you have, letting your true potential and your personal best come through. Not in a false way to brag or boast and puff up your chest or show off like a peacock – but to have the strength, self-esteem and inner conviction that what you have to offer will make its mark.

It is also ideal to make a positive impression through a stellar reputation. How are you perceived? Perhaps you need to seek feedback on your strengths and weaknesses to realise the best version of you. Do you have an upbeat attitude that inspires and motivate others? Do you say and do the right thing? Are you the type of person you would like to meet?

Dress to impress is also a popular saying and is about looking good to express the best version of yourself. So do dress to enhance what you have and impress – not in the negative sense like a showy, flashy, selfie but to make your mark in the most flattering way possible.


As a personal brand and image consultant, I work with executives and entrepreneurs like you to develop your brand, signature style and look “camera ready” when it is your time to promote your brand through various media. Image consulting is not just about external clothing and style but how you understand your internal personality and inner philosophy and project that.

Developing your personal brand is knowing your big picture vision and having the self-belief, intelligence and confidence to bring that to life. Through coaching, mentoring, learning and challenging yourself, you can conquer self-doubt and stretch and grow to your full potential.


The best way to have a positive impact on others is through building personal relationships. Getting to know people so they like and trust you and want to do business with you. Networking is one of the best ways to do that. Going along to events where like-minded people gather and socialise. Networking is about building rapport, conversation and communication. Having confident social skills and communication excellence to manage those business relationships well requires practise. Networking doesn’t always have to be at external events but also building internal relationships if you work for a company. Talk to people and get to know others so you understand their needs; help them and that will make a powerful impact. Talking to people at all levels of business will help you learn to communicate clearly, build your confidence and credibility.


Confident, credible communication is a must for anyone to display executive presence.  Knowing how to present well when you make a speech or put forward a proposal or business case is necessary to be influential. Speaking skills can be learned and will elevate your brand.

Another demonstration of influence is your media presence. Online communication is the way business is done these days and your social media profiles need to be understood and used with intelligence to reflect your ideas and personal brand to have influence with prospective clients, employers and your public.

Mainstream media is a vital mix to having influence with the public at large, particularly if you are a business owner or entrepreneur. Having a well-regarded media presence and being the go-to person for media comment in your area of expertise is particularly influential.

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Sue Currie is an image entrepreneur who guides and empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs to have “Spotlight Confidence”. She is passionate about helping professionals elevate their personal and professional brand through her speaking, coaching and training programs on Brand image, Style and Speaking Skills, providing a multi-faceted approach to gain high transformation for her clients.

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