Thursday, May 10, 2018

POAR is How to Craft Your Personal Brand Story

One of the things I love about being a professional speaker is hearing stories from amazing entrepreneurs and business leaders when I have the opportunity to speak and/or attend conferences.

Everyone has a story to tell. And so do you. It doesn’t have to be too personal but enough to say something interesting about you which you can use when working with the media to gain publicity; doing a presentation in front of an audience; to use as a background story on your website or pitching to prospects. It is a great way to create engagement.

In last week’s blog I gave you ten ideas to find your personal brand story. Another quick way to craft a story to tell is using the acronym POAR for the problem, obstacle or opportunity, action and result.

One story I heard at a conference was from Gen George the founder of OneShift who has since gone on to sell her company. Here is an example of POAR using her story.

Problem. Hospitality companies couldn’t get access to staff quickly.

Obstacle and/or Opportunity. Hiring process too lengthy –opportunity to look at new way of hiring short term staff.

Action. During her gap year came up with an idea and created simple recruitment website site similar to a dating site model and starting cold calling potential clients.

Result. Gained investment from major recruitment company and three years later achieved huge success with 35,000 clients.

A media story for a small business limousine service.

Problem. Couples wanting something different for wedding cars but business wasn’t getting enough inquires.

Obstacle.  Not enough people in the area knew about the business. Opportunity was it was unique as the cars were Chevy 57s and the husband and wife running the business were celebrating an anniversary.

Action. Sent out a media release telling their personal story of being married 35 years and working together 35 years.

Result. Front page colour photo in the local paper and an editorial story creating awareness of their business and generating telephone inquires.

A CEO panelist at a conference creating awareness of company and industry.

Problem. Industry and media lack of awareness of the scale of the company and the contribution it makes to the industry.

Obstacle. Many speakers on panel and set questions. Opportunity to announce major company developments in front of audience and media in attendance.

Action. “Tweaked” the answer to a question from chair by mentioning the major company initiatives, the background history of the company and the main “hook”, the significant millions of dollars contributed, and thousands of people employed in the industry.

Result. Interview by national Australian paper resulting in a half page story and CEO photograph. The outcome resulted in personal brand awareness of CEO, company and industry brand awareness.

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Sue Currie is a speaker and the author of IMPRESSario, Present and Promote the Star Within You. She is recognised as a leading authority on personal branding to boost image, profile, brand and business. Through her professional development and profile building programs, workshops, consulting and keynote presentations, Sue helps businesses and entrepreneurs position and present an influential professional brand.

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