Thursday, March 23, 2017

Power of Self Promotion to Build your Brand

One way that helps to grow my online community and client prospects is through my speaking presentations and training. People see me on the platform, connect with my message and perhaps then connect via social media or in person. This is what is called self-promotion. The thought of self-promotion for many is that it is being boastful or pushy. We’ve been led to believe that if you work away long enough and hard enough, people will notice and that is all you need to do. Well we know the reality is different.

If you are not communicating with people, letting them know who you are and what you’re good at, how will they know to give you the job, promotion or hire your services?

Why not re-frame it and think of it as marketing. After all any brand, personal or business needs to be seen but more importantly connect with its customers. Unless you are “out there”, talking and listening to customers, clients and prospects, how will you understand their wants and desires and the types of products or services they like?

Social media, advertising and the like will certainly help build your brand profile but the crux of it is unless you are picking up the phone, talking and meeting people in person you are only communicating one way – your way and you may never really learn what your customers want.

Two-way communication is the foundation of public relations and my mantra is that public relations is about having successful “relationships” with your “public”. It is communicating who you are, what you do, how you are different and make a difference to your clients. Only by listening to your clients and prospects, understanding what they want, and being clear on what you offer are you really going to help or impact them in some way.

Although speaking in front of groups for me is enjoyable (let me tell you – it hasn’t always been that way!), I know for many people the thought of public speaking is terrifying. Yet it is a great way to showcase your expertise, personal brand and self-promote. You also do often get the opportunity to talk to audience members.

Public speaking for you could be free speeches to clubs or networking groups. It is a good way of letting people know about you and your area of expertise and a way to communicate with others.

Networking is another way to get “out there” and engage in two-way communication. Join organisations of like minded people such as business networks or your local Chamber of Commerce. Build rapport and relationships to help spread the word about who you are and what you do.

Special events such as a trade show or entering business awards can help boost your profile and help you get face-to-face with people. Why not hold a launch or an open day or even a cocktail party to thank your clients or customers?

And finally, remember your friend the phone. This is the one marketing communication tactic many of us avoid as it feels so much like self-promotion. But remember, without promotion what happens? Nothing.

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Sue Currie is a personal branding specialist providing solutions to business owners and organisations to boost their image, renown, brand and business. She is the founder of Shine Academy™, providing education and professional development training and Shine Agency™ a firm providing personal branding and public relations services to help businesses and entrepreneurs position and present an impactful professional brand. Through speaking, corporate workshops, and consulting, Sue helps businesses and individuals to stand out and shine.


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