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How to Look Stylish at Christmas Soirees

If you’re planning what to wear to your Christmas party, try these tips and SHOP for a red or black dress here.

How to Look Stylish at Christmas Soirees

Some call it the “silly season”. Although I did read that that term actually relates to a season of frivolous news, generally during summer. For most of us though it relates to this time of year when the end-of-year networking events and Christmas parties happen.

We’re usually a bit more relaxed about going to these events and the concept of “networking” does become a bit more like socialising, as it should be. Social, fun and an enjoyable way to foster relationships.

Whether it is your work Christmas party or another social event, there may also be a chance that you’ll be photographed and be in the spotlight. Be that your own selfie or snapped with friends for social pics in the local paper on the organiser’s web site. So, you want to look good.

I remember going along to a launch event at a tech space and as you’d expect mostly “techie” guys in jeans and black t-shirts. That was the younger guys. The older crowd of men wore their “uniform” of navy/grey business pants and blue shirts! There was the occasional well-dressed man – probably one of the angel investors.

As you can see, I am making judgements here. Yet we all do it. We do form impressions about a person by their outward appearance.

The event drew a large crowd, more than expected I think, and the organisers were busy running around right to the end. Unfortunately, the lady who officially opened the space, didn’t have time to change out of her shorts and thongs!

I could go on about my assumptions of her appearance but I do think she was aware of the impact of it as when she chatted with our smart casually dressed group later, she indicated some embarrassment. Those opening night photos will be around a long time!

To be memorable at an event you need to look fabulous and stand out from the crowd. Stay true to your signature style but, if you can, accent your style with either colour or a signature piece such as an amazing necklace, scarf or an eye-catching hat.

If you’re planning what to wear to your Christmas party, try these tips and SHOP for a red or black dress here.

  • Go for red. A classic red dress or if it’s a more casual function a red top and great pair of pants.
  • Work with what you have. Black pants or skirt and add a slinky or sparkly top.
  • Smart blazer – pair it with a floaty silky skirt and dazzling pair of sandals.
  • LBD always a good staple – dress it up with a colourful pair of heels or fab earrings.
  • Guys – add a fun bowtie, a colourful shirt or black and classic black and white with a fun pair of socks or a stand out tie.

Visual images are the ones that stay in our mind. For this reason, it is no accident that Instagram has taken off so well. Newspapers have relied on this concept for years. Having a captivating photograph on the front page (and often back page) of a newspaper is mandatory to capture readers’ attention.

No doubt we will soon be seeing lots of Santa selfies during the silly season.

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