Thursday, June 6, 2019

Act as a Leader to Support an Influential Personal Brand

Everything you say, do and the way you behave speaks volumes about your personal brand. Is your body language and non-verbal communication such as eye contact and handshake supporting you or subtracting from your essence?

Gravitas became a buzz word due to a survey and book on executive presence. Having gravitas was the number one stand-out trait. What it really means is; people who have awareness of professional behaviour, manners and charismatic engagement with others, is the top characteristic of those who stand out as leaders.

In continuing my series of Leadership Presence blogs – A is to ACT like a LEADER

On my local radio station, each week is a feature called Hump Day, Trump Day, generally highlighting the latest political news of US President, Donald Trump. Of course, his often erratic, outspoken behaviour is also the brunt of jokes and negative comments.

“Does Donald act like a leader?” Whichever way you have answered that, we all know people whose behaviour suggests otherwise.

I don’t believe too many people in the normal working world can really succeed and become leading lights in their field without the display of self-control and poise. Most heads of state, royalty and other dignitaries do display dignity and gravitas. As we're seeing this week in the UK during the D-Day 75th anniversary commemorations. Even Trump seems to be showing some restrain.

Your ambitions might not run to those of Donald Trump but even if your goal is just to get paid each week – it’s worth being aware of acceptable behaviour and acting like a leader. Gravitas is one criteria of leadership presence and is really about awareness of acting appropriately and conducting yourself with dignity. Which is common sense – or it should be.

You may have attributes you are unaware of that are perceived negatively by others. For instance, shyness coming across as aloofness or annoying speech habits, lack of good manners, punctuality, internal body language, rather than expansive and welcoming. These are the things about you that speak loud and clear to others.

For some, gravitas may seem like an elusive quality. But is it unattainable? I don’t think so. It can be obtained by practising self-awareness and some self-analysis on your personality traits and professional behaviour.

Set high standards for yourself and be prepared to show your best side. It’s how you show up every day that counts.

How do you develop relationships with your clients or conduct yourself in social situations? Are you confident and conversational? I’m sure you’ve seen many examples of people who have had too much to drink at work events and regretted things done or said. Perhaps not good gravitas. Your behaviour and how you interact with people are integrally connected to your reputation and brand.

You are your brand and how your project yourself is vitally important to the success of your business or career. You’ve no doubt invested a lot of time, effort and money into setting up your own business or learning new career skills – why not invest some time and effort into your self-brand – after all, you’re worth it!

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Sue Currie is a speaker and the author of IMPRESSario, Present and Promote the Star Within You. She is recognised as a leading authority on personal branding to boost image, profile, brand and business. Through her image management programs, workshops, consulting and keynote presentations, Sue helps businesses and entrepreneurs present an influential brand image.

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