Thursday, February 1, 2018

Your Vision is Your Super Power

The super blue blood moon was in the news this week and was an astrological event that only happens, “once in a blue moon.” Couldn’t help myself! Unfortunately I didn’t get to actually see it as there was too much cloud cover. However, the effect of this full moon I do hope has a wonderful, positive outcome for you and for me. Did you make a wish?

Making wishes on a full moon, reading the horoscope, believing in Tarot card readings or whatever it may be are perhaps some ways that help you maintain belief in yourself and what you’re doing to reach your goals. One other way that helps to maintain focus on your dreams and goals is to create a vision board.

Visualisation is a powerful technique. For this reason, I suggest you create your own vision board to picture in your mind’s eye exactly what you want to achieve. I had a vision board posted up on the back door of my bedroom in a previous home. I’d look at it each day; I can still see some of those images in my mind now, but I can also see them in reality. I live in a house with lots of windows and light and it is by the water. In the grassy backyard with tropical trees, there is a small table and two chairs – just like the picture I cut out and pasted on the board all those years ago.

Create your vision board by cutting out images and words from magazines that represent your goals; what you want your impressive life to look like. Choose images that are representative of these six areas:

  1. Business/Career
  2. Financial
  3. Home
  4. Personal/Spiritual
  5. Health and fitness
  6. Family and friends.

Personal life might mean exotic travel or caravanning with kids. Home could be a simple cottage by the water or a palatial mansion. This is your fantasy so choose images that are meaningful to you. Take your time to enjoy this process. Make sure you have a large variety of magazines from different genres and put on some soothing music to put you in a peaceful mood. Let your intuition guide you to your images.

Get a large-sized piece of cardboard and start pasting on images and words to create a collage. I also like to frame mine. You can pick up something from a charity store and replace the painting or photo with your vision. Place your vision board in a spot where you will see it each day. Another idea is to photograph it and keep as a screensaver on your phone or even on your computer – it's up to you. But have it where you will be reminded of your vision often.

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Sue Currie is a speaker and the author of IMPRESSario, Present and Promote the Star Within You. She is recognised as a leading authority on personal branding to boost image, profile, brand and business. Through her professional development and profile building programs, workshops, consulting and keynote presentations, Sue helps businesses and entrepreneurs position and present an influential professional brand."

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