Thursday, April 28, 2016

Strike a Pose for your Personal Brand Photo

A picture tells a thousand words, a phrase used since the early 1900’s still resonates today especially in this age of social media photos and memes images. Are you sending the message you want through your photograph? Many people don’t feel comfortable having their photo taken – incredible I know in this age of selfies. However a selfie doesn’t usually cut it when you need to portray a professional image for your business or career. A good photo can last a few years so make sure it looks good and is the right look for you.

If you are choosing to have professional photos done with a photographer – which I highly recommend – work out what you want to portray and don’t just rely on the photographer telling you what to do. Personally I don’t like hands on chins and photographers always seem to ask for that.

Look at images in business magazines of executive portraits or business owner photos to see if there are looks that you like. Observe the poses, backgrounds, colours, props and other elements that make up the photo. Cut out some of these images – your tear sheets and take to the photo shoot so both you and the photographer has an impression of what style you are seeking.

A couple of tips on posing for your photo: Don’t stand straight on to the camera, a 45-degree angle is best. Shift your weight a little more to the back foot so your body shows a little shape and hips are away from the camera. Hold your arm slightly bent at the elbow and away from the body. This all might seem a bit daunting but a professional photographer will help you get the right pose.

Your expression and smile is the most important point. Look through the lens of the camera and think of a really happy moment in your life. Your warm expression and natural smile will shine through.With a little thought and planning you can portray the image that suits you best and send the message you want.

Generally speaking, if your photo is more than two years old – it is out of date: Please a personal request from me – ladies – do not display your shirt collar over your jacket lapel. This is so yesterday!

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