Thursday, August 24, 2017

Six Points to Help Your Personal Brand Presence Shine

I was reminded of the words, grace, charm and civility when I met Paul Burrell, former butler to the late Princess Diana. His personal brand presence epitomises those characteristics. He has also written and spoken about etiquette and entertaining for many years so he really does walk and talk his brand. Regardless of your personal brand characteristics and the brand persona you project, when dealing with others I believe we could all use a little charm in our interactions with other people.

After all everything you do creates impressions in the minds of others. Once we have judged someone or perceived them in a certain way those impressions usually stick. Let’s face it we all make those instant assumptions and judgements.First impressions are based on instinct and emotion. That dates back to the dark ages when we were either facing a fried or foe and had to fight or take flight.

We notice immediately body language and facial expressions. When you meet someone for the first time are you sure to greet them with a smile rather that a frown and look them in the eye and not be glancing sideways?  The way you talk and business manners all need to be taken into consideration. Now some people might think it doesn’t matter or perhaps it’s a bit old-fashioned. We all know of rude people who are business leaders and seemingly successful. I know who I’d rather deal with. I believe it pays to be a class act in all situations.

Here are a few points for consideration:

  • Turn up on time.  We’re all busy. It’s not all about you. Being constantly late for meetings or even social occasions is disrespectful.

  • Listen and pay attention. People like to be heard and have their opinion considered. People are peeved when they are interrupted mid-sentence. If you really listen and let the other person do most of the talking they’ll think you are a wonderful conversationalist.

  • Keep it down and rediscover silence. In this instance I’m going to refer to the mobile phone. Common complaints are talking too loud, novelty/annoying ring tones, interrupting meetings, lunches etc by talking to the caller. Doesn’t hurt to turn it off occasionally.

  • Speak kindly. Good manners are simply kindness and care.It is a bit like the word thank you. I am sure you always do say thank you, but many others don’t. According to one of my readers, she was surprised to receive no acknowledgement from students when she wrote glowing references for them and one which helped a girl get the job of her dreams. Not a word. Do send thank you notes often.

  • Accept and give praise. A reader said, “I have just come away from my local Woolies where I encountered a really courteous and charming young man. I complimented him on his manners and told his boss too. I left several smiling faces.”  Often we readily complain rather than compliment.

  • At business events; learn how to make introductions properly, try to remember names and do display impeccable table manners 

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Sue Currie is a speaker, author, consultant and educator recognised as an authority on personal branding to boost image, profile, brand and business. Through her workshops, professional development programs and brand consulting, Sue help businesses and entrepreneurs position and present an impactful professional brand.

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