Jun 18, 2015

Gain Brand Clarity with your Corporate Closet

In my part of the world we call it a wardrobe. Some people might have a rack where they hang their clothes or a walk-in custom designed closet (I wish!) or a built in wardrobe. Figuring out what is in there to coordinate what to wear to work is generally universal. There used to be jingle for the fashion clothing store Sussan that went something like, “This goes with this, goes with this, goes with that at Sussan.” They don’t use that jingle now but it is much easier to match this and that and choose clothes that work with other things we’ve already got in our wardrobe. Here are a few tips. ..

Jun 04, 2015

Business Casual vs Corporate Chic

I’m loving the change of season and being able to dress up in a few winter woollies. Might even shop the sales. There’s no need for me to go overboard though as I probably only need one or two things to update my current wardrobe – particularly when it comes to work wear. The key for me is to plan it out – look at what basics I already have and what I can add to update and refresh my look. What to wear to work is worthy of consideration for most people who go out to work in a business environment.  ..

May 28, 2015

Personal Brand Rules of Communication

When I am asked questions at the end of speaking presentations or workshops I answer – well the best I can of course! I also take note of the questions afterwards and write out my responses to keep a list of FAQ’s and material for blogs and newsletters. Recently I was asked what would be my five top tips to personal branding communication. I answered with a few of the following. These Rules of Communication are personal branding principles I share in my eBook The Power of Personal Public Relations ..

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