Jul 23, 2015

Stage a Special Event to Showcase your Brand

A work colleague of mine is in the throes of holding a golf fundraising event. Another is about to stage an educational seminar with guest speaker at their venue’s new meeting room. I’m in discussions regarding co hosting a public event. So what’s this got to do with you? Well these “special events” come under the umbrella of public relations and are a great way to promote your business and your brand. ..

Jul 16, 2015

Shine your Personal Brand through Socialising

My network is my net worth. I’m not sure where this saying originated from however I do believe there is truth to it. The connections we make and the community we have around us is often where work, referrals and collaboration come from which in turn may create income. Networking whether in person or online is all social networking. I watched an old movie recently where at a party the matron was encouraging the younger girl to “circulate”. It could be called mingling or working the room but it shouldn’t be thought of as work. Socialising is meant to be fun and a way to make friends. ..

Jul 09, 2015

Without PR Promotion What Happens?

All the world’s a stage and each man in his time plays many parts…(to borrow loosely from Shakespeare). How’s your role-playing going? Are you like me as a business owner busy working “on” your business and including, sales, PR, event management, marketing and promotion into your juggling act? Well you have just added the title of Marketing Communications Manager to your job description. ..

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