Aug 13, 2015

Parisian Presence and Poise

I’m reminiscing a little with this week’s blog. As I head toward another birthday this weekend I am reminded of a celebration I had two years ago. It was the trip of a lifetime travelling through France and Italy for 30 days. Spending a week in Paris was a long held dream and celebrating mutual birthdays with a long-time friend was a highlight. The places, people and memories I will cherish forever. I also did manage to do a bit of shopping, hoping to replicate some of the style and elegance that Parisians are noted for. Is it true that Parisians seem to have a self-assured elegance? ..

Aug 06, 2015

How to Captivate Your Community

Creating any sort of impact whether it is with the wider community at large or your own small business community requires a blend of charisma and creativity. That sounds like a pretty tall order – particularly if you are a bit shy or don’t feel that you have anything unique to offer. Perhaps it is a matter of just being approachable and likeable and creating something that is of value to others. ..

Jul 30, 2015

Top Tips for Networking at Trade Shows

Networking is networking – right? Well not really. I think that women’s business groups, an association event with a guest speaker and these types of events are forums where the networking scenario is a lot more acceptable. Networking i.e. meeting people with a view to building professional relationships and potentially helping each other in the future with work or referrals, is often secondary to “selling” at a trade show. ..

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