Oct 16, 2014

Let your Personal Brand Shine on TV

Tomorrow I will be appearing as a guest on Your Career on Sky News Business to discuss corporate image and personal branding. It is a wonderful opportunity to impart a few tips and to profile my own personal brand. Appearing on TV for many can be a daunting experience particularly if you are unfamiliar with doing on-air interviews but it is a great chance to build your brand. So the first thing anyone should do when asked to do a television or radio interview is say yes, then control the panic that may set in.  ..

Oct 09, 2014

Build Brand, Buzz and Business

You’d think with all the communication going on these days that we’d be getting tired of reading more material – but it seems in this “information era” we can’t get enough knowledge whether it’s through social media, newspapers, books or magazines. The media is such a powerful tool and when used well can really help profile you and your brand. So how can you tap into this valuable resource to build some buzz for your business? Two ways you can use the media to profile your business and brand is through a media publicity campaign or writing articles for magazines. ..

Oct 02, 2014

Speak Up for Personal Brand Success

Often in my line of work as a business educator and conference speaker, I am fortunate to meet some talented speakers from around the world, learn more about the power of a masterful presentation and pick up valuable tips on how to grow my business. For business leaders having the ability to capture and influence an audience is a large measure of success in your career or business. Being a featured speaker or on a panel session at a conference is one way to build your personal brand, reputation and company awareness. So what makes a good presenter? ..

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