Oct 11, 2018

Marketing Your Magic to Shine

If you don’t know why, why would other people buy? This is really the first step in marketing yourself; knowing your purpose and having belief in what you do. I was reminded of this when I again viewed the famous Simon Sinek Ted Talk on, Begin with Why. He says, that knowing your why can help you act with purpose. ..

Oct 04, 2018

Three Things to Help you Build Your Brand Plan

In my work I am very privileged to speak at conferences. I also get to see other speakers and sometimes be involved in activities that are planned for the delegates. I at least do see the runsheet and am always amazed by the variety of presentations, and the creative, interactive, fun sessions arranged for the participants. ..

Sep 28, 2018

Essence, Elan and Exposure, Enhances Brand Presence

I’m sure you like to keep the company of positive, inspiring people just like I do, as interacting with people we like is uplifting. However as a small business owner, my working day is pretty much head down, tail up all day long to get the various tasks done. I do recognise however that I need to get out and about and mingle with like-minded people. ..

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