Apr 25, 2019

Five Ways to Renew, Refresh and Invest in You

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter break and managed to spend time with family or friends just like I did. Over the weekend I also happened to tune in to a radio broadcast about how different religions celebrate their particular Holy Day whether that is at this time of year or an alternate date. And for many it is a time of renewal. ..

Apr 18, 2019

Six Ways to Rescue your Wardrobe

I hope you are looking forward to your Easter break, even if you happen to be working some of that time. For me, I usually take a day during this period to refresh my wardrobe. It’s something I do generally twice a year. At Easter and again, six months later. ..

Apr 11, 2019

Power up the Look of Your Leadership Presence

When you walk through someone’s door or they walk through yours, your image and presence has an immediate impact. Leadership presence or “executive presence” has become a hot topic as the result of a survey and book published by New York’s Center for Talent Innovation. ..

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