May 06, 2021

Eight Tips to Manage a TV Interview

Podcasts and webinars are familiar to most of us now and are a way to share your message with many people. Perhaps you already include one of those mediums in your marketing mix. Along with other tactics of marketing and public relations, what about if you really do capture attention with your message and a television show asks you to appear live “on camera”. What do you do? ..

Apr 29, 2021

This is How to Write a Media Release

The media landscape has altered dramatically over the past ten years or more, with the introduction of social media, blogging, podcasts and streaming services. So too the publishing industry with print magazines falling by the wayside and books by self-published authors, booming. ..

Apr 15, 2021

Build Buzz for Your Brand with Publicity

I had a conversation recently with a business owner who said that public relations activity and media coverage was a positive contributor to their business awareness. It made a significant difference. I have also seen colleagues in the speaking industry being featured on TV programs as commentators in their area of expertise. ..

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