Thursday, September 28, 2017

How Marketing You Can Help You Make Money

Informing your target audience of who you are, how you make a difference and how you help them is one way to boost your bottom line. You can do that through a number of self-promotion and personal branding techniques. One strategy I am working on at the moment is video. I have been posting a number of vlogs on my YouTube channel, to use on my website, social media and for online training. Also, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so it would be crazy not to utilise it more.

But having videos on YouTube is not relevant for everyone. It suits my business and my personal branding approach. You might prefer other forms of social media marketing such as LinkedIn which is the number one choice for business professionals. However, in continuing my vlog series on personal branding, profiling yourself through social media is definitely one way to get noticed. And here are a few more.

Choose one or two social media sites that work for you. Think about your target audience, who you want to reach and what channel will be most suitable. You don’t have to be across everything. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are top popular choices. Where will you prospective clients, employers or customers be? Use one or two of your chosen social media networks and use them well,as a tool for you to express your ideas and showcase your skills and brand in front of those that count.

Networks are not just found on social media. You still need to have face-to-face communication and get to know people through connecting in person and often that happens by networking. Now that could be through attending events put on by your industry association, women’s business groups or …In my latest video I take you through other ideas on marketing you. 

These tactics may help you get a promotion or build your business and enhance your financial success.

Need further tips? Sign up for my free video training series, NOOK, LOOK and HOOK, 3 Steps to Build a Stand Out Personal Brand.  

Sue Currie is a speaker, author, consultant and educator recognised as an authority on personal branding to boost image, profile, brand and business. Through her workshops, professional development programs and brand consulting, Sue help businesses and entrepreneurs position and present an impactful professional brand.

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