Jul 28, 2016

The ABC of Your Personal Brand Audit

A brand whether it is your own personal brand or that of your business – is always evolving. New competitors come on to the scene or the market shifts in some way. Perhaps you’re facing a job redundancy, exploring new opportunities or looking at a re-brand. Whatever the case for you, it’s wise to keep a careful watch on what is going on and re-evaluate your brand and its current position.  ..

Jul 14, 2016

How to Shine as a Business Brand Ambassador

Sometime ago working as a corporate PR consultant, I came up with an acronym for a team that would represent the company as ambassadors. WON team was a play on the company brand and was all about “winning”, being number one and part of one team. Ultimately the project did not get off the ground but what did ensue was recognition that there was a passionate, enthusiastic group proud to say that they were brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are often celebrities –just one person who is chosen because of their high media profile and potential to “spruik” the business as a media spokesperson.  ..

Jul 06, 2016

How to Position Your Personal Brand

As a brand positioning exercise and a hands-on learning experiment in Instagram,  I have been posting an occasional photo called What I Wear to Work Wednesday. The idea is to showcase corporate style for the everyday working woman. It also demonstrates the professional image component of my brand consulting business. I have been doing that for about five months now and the inquiries regarding image management have increased three fold. Being purposeful with my positioning has had a positive effect on my business. ..

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