Nov 01, 2018

Six Steps to Showcase your Brand with a Special Event

Over the past few weeks I have been busy planning and promoting my Boost Your Brand for High Visibility workshop to help women in business devise a communication plan to help them stand out more in 2019. ..

Oct 04, 2018

Three Things to Help you Build Your Brand Plan

In my work I am very privileged to speak at conferences. I also get to see other speakers and sometimes be involved in activities that are planned for the delegates. I at least do see the runsheet and am always amazed by the variety of presentations, and the creative, interactive, fun sessions arranged for the participants. ..

Sep 06, 2018

7 Ways to Refresh Your Brand in Spring

Do I need to refresh, rebrand or reboot? I’ve had a couple of business inquiries lately that have been off kilter in terms of the type of business services I offer. It got me thinking that perhaps my brand messages are not clear or there are old stories and blog posts from years ago that don’t reflect my current ethos or brand position. ..

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