Jun 17, 2021

How to Look Good on Stage

When you speak or present from the stage or virtual platform do you put effort into your visual presentation? Does it matter?  ..

Apr 01, 2021

Does Your Visual Communication Convey Leadership?

When you walk through someone’s door or they walk through yours, your image and presence have an immediate impact. My client and I talked about this as we were discussing visual impact and clothing style for her work in a customer facing role. Whether we like it our not, we're still judging books and people by their covers. ..

Mar 04, 2021

Top Ten Work Wardrobe Classics

I always enjoy the change of season and am looking forward to Autumn/Winter 2021 here in the Southern Hemisphere. I’m also enjoying being back interacting with clients, doing “live” training and consulting and getting dressed for work. By that I mean the whole outfit – not just the waist up! ..

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