Feb 08, 2018

Seven Tips to Shine as a Speaker

A highlight for me this week has been conducting my Speak for Success, presentation skills coaching program for a client. The company has their inaugural conference coming up and the presenters wanted to fine-tune their skills. The business is thriving and the management team are all successful professionals but the one thing that they all felt uncomfortable with was being on stage and speaking. ..

Mar 23, 2017

Power of Self Promotion to Build your Brand

One way that helps to grow my online community and client prospects is through my speaking presentations and training. People see me on the platform, connect with my message and perhaps then connect via social media or in person. This is what is called self-promotion. The thought of self-promotion for many is that it is being boastful or pushy. We’ve been led to believe that if you work away long enough and hard enough, people will notice and that is all you need to do. Well we know the reality is different. ..

Mar 16, 2017

Seven Ways to Shine as a Speaker

A highlight for me this week has been coaching a client on presentation skills. She is a delightful young woman with an inspiring story of overcoming adversity to emerge stronger, less fearful and more confident. Here she was telling me her story of courage and how she came through the other side and there I was coaching her on how to control nerves when public speaking. Seemed ironic really but to her being on stage and speaking was a terrifying thought. I gave her a few pointers about breathing techniques, focus, shifting energy and preparation to help control the nerves. Here is a summary of some of the other points we discussed to help her become a confident speaker. ..

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