Jun 27, 2019

Position, Package and Promote to Reach Your Potential

In a workshop I ran this week on presentation skills, I came across someone who really didn’t want to be there. Okay she was there physically and attempted to participate and was given plenty of encouragement.  ..

May 30, 2019

Personal Brand Photo Shoot Style Choices

I post a weekly photograph on my Instagram and Facebook page on what to wear to work. Okay – sometimes it is just a Wednesday work wear tip. However, the pic is designed to demonstrate corporate style and office wear for the working woman. I’ve had some great feedback – thank you – and hopefully it does help you with the office wear conundrum. ..

Apr 25, 2019

Five Ways to Renew, Refresh and Invest in You

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter break and managed to spend time with family or friends just like I did. Over the weekend I also happened to tune in to a radio broadcast about how different religions celebrate their particular Holy Day whether that is at this time of year or an alternate date. And for many it is a time of renewal. ..

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