Mar 20, 2020

How to Project Presence on Screen

As many of us are working from home at the moment, I thought I'd repost this blog from last year. I hope these few tips help. ..

Mar 10, 2020

Is all Publicity Good Publicity?

The answer is…yes and no. As I heard the news this morning that Italy is in complete shutdown due to CoronaVirus, I wondered how well small businesses that may be affected by the impact of the virus are handling their crisis management. ..

Oct 31, 2019

How to Boost Your Brand with Publicity

I was talking to someone last week who said that public relations activity and media coverage was a positive contributor to their business awareness. It really made a significant difference. I also have noticed a proliferation of online magazines, with so many fabulous stories of personal brands and different businesses. Another business owner shared how a media “famil” would soon be visiting their regional winery  ..

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