Apr 18, 2019

Six Ways to Rescue your Wardrobe

I hope you are looking forward to your Easter break, even if you happen to be working some of that time. For me, I usually take a day during this period to refresh my wardrobe. It’s something I do generally twice a year. At Easter and again, six months later. ..

Mar 28, 2019

How Style Influences Help Shine Your Personal Brand

Iris Apfel is a fashion icon and celebrity who is 97 years young. Her flamboyant style is what is most memorable about her; the unique way she wears colour and outlandish pieces of jewellery. ..

Mar 21, 2019

Six Tips from Successful Personal Brands

As I am a fan of performance and dancing, I have been watching the television show Dancing with the Stars.These leading entertainers, celebrities and sports identities have in most cases spent years honing their skills and developing a strong personal brand persona.  ..

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