Mar 12, 2020

Five Ways to Network With Confidence

International Women’s Day has been celebrated with women worldwide from diverse cultural backgrounds, socio-economic groups, different businesses and jobs coming together to do what women do best, communicate with each other, share their stories, both positive and not so positive and have a laugh. ..

Feb 27, 2020

What's Your Leadership Style?

Leadership is a hot topic whether that is leading a team of people in a corporate environment or self-leadership for entrepreneurs and executives. It is a popular subject at conferences and in-house training, blogs, whitepapers and the like. Leadership learning is on-going and leadership styles vary. ..

Feb 13, 2020

How to Create Confident Public Relationships

The Academy Awards is always such a TV viewing highlight for me. I love the glamour of the red carpet, guessing who will win the top awards, the entertainment and the speeches. Showbiz intrigues me, no doubt like so many of you. I am also intrigued by what makes one person become a leading superstar and yet another equally talented fails to succeed.  ..

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