Jun 13, 2019

Create Your Competitive Edge Through Communication

This week I revisited my first half year strategic plan and reviewed my marketing and communication strategy to ensure that I’m on track and am meeting client expectations for the remainder of the year. ..

Jun 06, 2019

Act as a Leader to Support an Influential Personal Brand

Everything you say, do and the way you behave speaks volumes about your personal brand. Is your body language and non-verbal communication such as eye contact and handshake supporting you or subtracting from your essence? ..

May 23, 2019

Top Tips on What to Pack for a Conference

Presentation prepared, handouts done, tickets and itinerary organised, are all items ticked off the checklist for when I am travelling for work and speaking at conferences. You no doubt have yours as well. But there is always one question that remains – what to wear? ..

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