Oct 17, 2019

The Power of People to Build Your Brand

My network is my net worth. I’m not sure where this saying originated from however I do believe there is truth to it. The connections we make and the community we have around us is often where work, referrals and collaboration come from which in turn may create income. ..

Oct 10, 2019

Use PR to Boost Profit Potential

You’ve hung up your shingle and customers aren’t exactly beating a path to your door. What can you do? Well you might think standing out on the street with a megaphone would do the trick. And it may be one way to gain attention for your business, however an overall public relations plan incorporating a number of profile building ideas could be just what your business needs.  ..

Oct 03, 2019

This is How To Promote YOU

Last week I attended a marketing workshop filled with like-minded business entrepreneurs. I also attended a networking event where there was more learning and interaction with others. Events like these I find enjoyable and a chance to communicate and connect with new contacts. ..

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