Feb 13, 2020

How to Create Confident Public Relationships

The Academy Awards is always such a TV viewing highlight for me. I love the glamour of the red carpet, guessing who will win the top awards, the entertainment and the speeches. Showbiz intrigues me, no doubt like so many of you. I am also intrigued by what makes one person become a leading superstar and yet another equally talented fails to succeed.  ..

Nov 21, 2019

How to Use POAR to Craft Your Personal Brand Story

One of the things I love about the work I do in speaking and training is hearing stories from all kinds of people from all walks of life and from entrepreneurs and business leaders when I have the opportunity to speak and/or attend conferences.  ..

Oct 17, 2019

The Power of People to Build Your Brand

My network is my net worth. I’m not sure where this saying originated from however I do believe there is truth to it. The connections we make and the community we have around us is often where work, referrals and collaboration come from which in turn may create income. ..

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