Mar 07, 2019

Shine your Personal Brand through Socialising

My network is my net worth. I’m not sure where this saying originated from however I do believe there is truth to it. The connections we make and the community we have around us is often where work, referrals and collaboration come from which in turn may create income. ..

Feb 21, 2019

Try These Tips to Make a Favourable First Impression

I had a call from a colleague recently asking me to comment on, “how to make a first impression”. The call prompted me to take a fresh look at first impressions. It is a topic that I write and speak about and have been profiled in the media on. Take a look at a media piece here ..

Jul 26, 2018

8 Keys to Clear Email Correspondence

Who we are on social and digital media says a lot about – well, who we are. Or it can if we are authentic and write posts, emails and comments with our own voice rather than a formal, stilted version of our language. ..

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