Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top Ten Wardrobe Classics

Only a few days to go before the end of the financial year and summing up what I spent to on my wardrobe last year. I wasn’t very extravagant – although I probably would invest a lot more if I could claim it on tax – but unfortunately no. So it is one area I have to apply a budget to along with other overhead costs for my business – just like you no doubt.  Following on with my recent personal branding theme of work wear wardrobe, and to help you plan a wardrobe that fits in with your budget, I’ve come up with my top ten wardrobe classics.

Whether your personal brand is classic and formal or free-spirited and fashionable, a few essential clothing items can form the basis of your wardrobe.This selection of top ten items for women and men can be packed in a bag for a business trip or built upon with other items and accessories to create a more comprehensive wardrobe collection.

For Women

  1. Little Black Dress
  2. Suit (or near enough) of ideally 3 pieces, skirt and/or pant, dress and jacket
  3. White long sleeved, collared shirt
  4. White v necked t shirt
  5. Classic skirt just to the knee that goes with everything
  6. Evening top
  7. ¾ length trench coat
  8. Quality hand bag
  9. Dark denim jeans
  10. One pair of fabulous shoes

For Men

  1. Suit, with ideally 2 pants and 1 jacket
  2. White long sleeved, French cuffed and collared shirt
  3. Quality tie
  4. Quality belt
  5. Sports jacket
  6. Light weight wool/cashmere jumper
  7. Smart lace up shoes and/or classic low heeled boot
  8. Casual shirt with long sleeves
  9. White t shirt
  10. Dark denim jeans

If you need some help with planning your wardrobe contact us or learn more about executive image consulting for men and women here.

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