Jul 27, 2017

Try These Tips to Master the Media Interview

This week I am travelling to Wagga Wagga, a regional city in Australia to present to the Women in Business group at dinner being held at Borambola, a wonderful winery on the outskirts of town. I have a soft spot for Wagga as is was where I began my media career for Prime Television.  ..

Jul 20, 2017

Video is a Valuable Way to Boost Your Brand

Over the past few weeks I have spent time filming a series of videos to be included on my website. I am also excited to announce the launch of Your Nook, Look and Hook my free video training series to help you build a stand out personal brand. I worked with Kerrin Smith, Photography and Fine Art who was wonderfully professional and the process was quite speedy and enjoyable.  ..

Jul 13, 2017

8 Tips to Client Winning Table Talk

Etiquette and business manners is not a topic that seems to be discussed too much these days. Perhaps people consider that it is not relevant in today’s modern business world. Although I did have a request recently to run a workshop on business etiquette. The client deals in international business and it is important for the team to be acting and presenting their best in all situations, including wining and dining. Etiquette workshops used to be a popular request but I find now that is rarely considered, I wonder why?  ..

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