Sep 21, 2017

You Are Special and So Is Your Personal Branding Strategy

You come in various shapes and sizes with different outlooks and ideas on life and business so it stands to reason that one strategy does not suit all. That applies to any consulting, designing, training or branding undertaking. What might be appealing to one client might not be right for the next. ..

Sep 14, 2017

How Fans Boost Footy Brands and Business

If you’re a follower of football, you may understand the fervour that the finals cause. It’s that time of year here in Australia and different codes and clubs have their fanatics. Passionate fans and supporters feel they belong to their tribe. Whether they are members of the club or not there is a sense of belonging; knowing who the players are; having an opinion of what their strengths or weaknesses may be and having perhaps some perceived personal insight into the players behind the club brand.  ..

Sep 07, 2017

12 Point Plan to Develop your Personal Brand

Everything you do creates personal brand impressions; from behaviour and appearance, to your social media images, the way you communicate and the networks you belong to; all add to or diminish your brand. And those impressions can last a long time.  ..

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