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  • Polished Executive Presence
  • Public Profile

Sue Currie's programs are delivered though four distinct areas of expertise: Workshops – Corporate training, Seminars and Academy. Coaching – Consulting and coaching one-on-one. Speaking – Professional, keynote speaking at conferences and events. Product – Books, webinars, online product.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to Shine a Spotlight on Your Personal Brand

How did your year go? Your financial year that is. As you tally up the numbers, look at the hard cash facts and celebrate or perhaps tweak your budget and forecast for next year, it is worth looking at other success measures such as increased brand awareness. July is the perfect time to reassess your goals you set for the year. It’s also good to re-evaluate your personal brand plan which of course you remember me writing about in January! Just in case you missed that one – let’s review in this week’s blog. ..



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