Public Relations Mentoring to Promote Brand You

Do you want to become well-known for what you do? Perhaps create a compelling public profile so you are attracting rather than chasing your ideal client?

Perhaps you have a new product, book or online program that you want to publicise. Or maybe you just want to let your audience know exactly what you do, what you offer and how you can help them.

Then the Public Relations Online Mentoring Program with Sue Currie is ideal for you.

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In this twelve-month online webinar program, from January 2020 to December 2020, you will discover what is unique about you, your product or service and how to promote it.

You will understand how to implement an effective public relations campaign. You will know the digital and social tools to use that are right for you and you will gain increased confidence in dealing with all types of media both online and offline.

Priced at only $49 per month, this program will help you gain increased media coverage and increase your profit potential.

This series of webinars is ideal for the entrepreneur, consultant, coach, speaker, author or business owner who wants to elevate their personal or business profile.

We believe public relations is relationships with your public and everything you do and communicate to external audiences as a company or individual creates impressions that build your profile, reputation, brand and ultimate success.



  • Know your personal brand and your business brand
  • Know your audience – clients, prospects, influencers and public
  • Understand your USP – point of difference – and key messages

Public Relations Strategies

  • Know what you want – set objectives to reach your goal
  • Develop your personal PR strategy and choose the tools you will use
  • Social and digital marketing solutions to suit you


  • Newsworthy stories and angles
  • Write your media release to get published
  • Let’s get personal with video and networking


  • Media relations and contacts
  • Website marketing strategies
  • Content marketing plan

Sue is an award-winning public relations consultant with a background in television plus experience as a VP of Public Relations and Communications in a corporate environment, Sue has the hands-on knowledge and experience to give you the framework and skills to effectively engage in your own public relations solutions which will enable you to build your profile and increase profits.

Needing to raise your profile?

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