Public Relations Coaching

Do you want to become well-known for what you do? Perhaps create a compelling public profile so you are attracting rather than chasing your ideal client?

This module of our programs is ideal for the entrepreneur or business owner who wants to elevate his or her profile.

We believe public relations is relationships with your public and everything you do and communicate to external audiences as a company or individual creates impressions that build your profile, reputation, brand and ultimate success.

Sue Currie works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to create brand visibility. We work with you to design and execute a public relations and social media strategy suitable for you and your business. Through coaching and mentoring we lay the foundations for clients to take control of their own profile building tactics.

This practical, coaching and mentoring program ideal for individuals or small teams, includes:

  • PR strategy and planning
  • Communication audit and evaluation
  • Identify communication goals
  • Create a brand communication plan
  • Media relations and publicity mentoring
  • Social and digital media strategy
  • Executive profiling

As a former award-winning public relations consultant with a background in television plus experience as a VP of Public Relations and Communications in a corporate environment, Sue Currie has the hands-on knowledge and experience to give you the framework and skills to effectively engage in your own public relations solutions which will enable you to build your profile and increase profits.

We work with leading SME’s and entrepreneurs across various sectors to identify your business challenge; provide communication solutions that produce results and show the world how you shine.

Needing to raise your profile? Contact us.