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Professional Development Training You Can Feel Confident About

Professional Development Training You Can Feel Confident About

You want a solution to elevate your E. I. P’s (Extremely Important People!).

You want to engage and motivate your team to the next step of success through understanding brand image, leadership presence and communication.

We want to help you with our powerful, personal branding program.

Let’s WORK TOGETHER to produce results and boost profits.

What Our Clients Say...

City of Glod Coast

I would recommend this workshop to others as it positively helped our team to shine.


Sue’s workshop provided great value in assisting our business unit and employees to consider their own profile, identity and legacy. Participants were given advice on how to understand their own brand and sell themselves which in turn lifted their confidence and self-esteem.


Thank you for helping our team to understand and reflect our core purpose, to Deliver a 5 Star Experience.


What they liked was; learning about brand awareness and the different ways it can impact a business; our strength and weakness and the fact that we need to brand ourselves and the Club. I would recommend this workshop as I am happy with the positive outcome. It opened people’s minds to our bigger objective and they are still talking about it weeks later.


Your style was warm, engaging and credible and you delivered excellently to our brief.


Of raising awareness of the importance of image and personal brand in today’s workplace. Participant feedback was very positive with comments like, "Great. Left me wanting more; a great reminder on how to stand out and show your brand; was great to get feedback on how my peers see me.”

Introducing... Power Up Your People Brand Presence

We Will Help You Grow Your Brand Image, Reputation and Influence.

We Will Help You Grow Your Brand Image, Reputation and Influence.

Since 2006 we have been providing personal branding workshops specifically to help executives, CEO’s and entrepreneurs to step up and stand out. The Power Up Your People Brand Presence program will help your team to understand their own value and communicate that visually, verbally and visibly.


This program is for you if you want to …

Elevate your team’s positivity, excitement and motivation for their role and future.

Elevate your team’s positivity, excitement and motivation for their role and future.

We know it’s a massive undertaking to get people back into the office but let’s boost their morale and get some business MOMENTUM.

Cultivate a professional presence that accelerates their personal growth and career.

Cultivate a professional presence that accelerates their personal growth and career.

You know the benefits of presentation and corporate image and how your team interacts with clients. Help them develop into walking, talking REPRESENTATIVES of your corporate brand image.

Create energy and theatre around your brand.

Create energy and theatre around your brand.

Get the team curious about the business. Help them understand what you deliver and what they can do in COMMUNICATING your brand to key audiences.

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We've helped hundreds of people to elevate their impact by understanding personal brand characteristics and implementing strategies to advance their career and professional growth.

What participants say…

The work that we’ve done on personal branding has done its job; there has been a discernible lift in the team here with their professional presentation and interactions. Sue M.

Her training was engaging and informative. It was interesting to see the change in the consultants afterwards and for weeks on end as they put their training into practice. Leonie H.

One graduate suggested it was the highlight of the week-long induction and particularly found the module on 'personal and company image' interesting and beneficial. I would highly recommend your presentation to all graduates commencing their professional careers. Lara M.

An engaging and informative presenter, Sue has helped our firm build on our professional image and personal skills. Sean M.

This was a relevant and thought-provoking workshop that helped me clarify how I wanted to develop my personal brand and what actions I need to take to staff. Bronwyn G.

The training definitely appeared to hit the mark in terms of thinking about yourself as a ‘corporate brand’ and planting the seed of aligning this to our leadership values when at work. Katrina M.

Generated much discussion and thought on what is appropriate and what is important. Neil B.

Your presentation has given them something to think about in business and for themselves and will help the ladies to be proactive and take a leadership angle and approach. Fiona A.

You are certainly dynamic and know how to hold an audience’s interest! Gail I.

Sue lives by her brand...she 'shines'! Great practical, positive suggestions delivered with pizzazz – all achievable goals which are important. Cindy B.

Power Up Your People Brand Presence gives you support in these key areas.



Personal Brand Characteristics

Gain more clarity on their personal strengths, personal brand attributes and brand promise.

First Impressions Count!



Professional Image & Presence

Understand corporate image guidelines, style and executive presence.

Dress to Enhance!



Positioning & Promotion

Realise the value of personal PR to achieve personal and professional goals.

Brand communication plan!

Here’s How We Deliver Power Up Your People Brand Presence.

Program Planning

Pre Program Planning

When you book, we have a phone conversation to understand your challenge, your audience, number of participants, location and preferred date or dates.

We will learn more about your objectives and program deliverables to ensure our program is right for you and your team.

If conditions are not met we will refund the booking fee.

Program Creation

Program Creation

Upon agreement and payment of the workshop fee of $4997+GST, a further discussion is arranged to fine-tune program content, logistics and other details.

We will ensure your program needs are met through an in-depth Q & A with you and /or your team to ensure scope of program, our approach is suitable and your requirements are understood.

Program Delivery

Program Delivery

Power Up Your People Brand Presence is delivered as a half day workshop for a team of up to 25 people.

The program can be delivered in a professional training environment at your company or meeting site, in every venue, in any location, to every audience. It is priced at $4,997+GST (plus travel and accommodation expenses where required).

Sue Currie has delivered presentations and workshops Australia wide and internationally from Moree to Mexico.

Post Program Delivery

Post Program Delivery

We follow up immediately to gain feedback and ensure your outcomes were met.

Sue Currie will discuss further options from our range of workshops and services including training, coaching, webinars and keynote presentations.

If you require a bespoke approach, depending on number of participants and content of program, further options from our range of training modules may be discussed.

Dates are limited so contact us now to secure your place on our busy calendar!

What is it costing you to not uplevel your team?


I guarantee if you invest in your team with Power Up Your People Brand Presence, your reputation, brand and business will prosper.


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Can This Work For You?

Here's just some of the types of businesses and organisations using Sue Currie Communications professional development programs to elevate their team’s confidence and personal brand presence to impress, impact, influence and …shine.

  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Accounting
  • Legal Firms
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Associations
  • Consultants
  • Recruitment
  • Small Business
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Franchise
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurs
  • FMCG
  • Government
  • Non Profit
  • Property
My Story


I believe in more than just delivering a message—I'm passionate about living it.

From a young age, I pursued self-development and image, working a Saturday morning job in high school to pay for a deportment course. My goal was to become a model, and I entered beauty contests to be discovered. Back then, I instinctively understood personal branding, and it paid off—I won numerous pageants and kick-started my modelling career.

I reinvented after modelling and with dedication and a few lucky breaks, I successfully transitioned into a new field. I studied acting part-time while modelling, which improved my presentation skills and confidence to audition for TV roles. After many auditions and rejections, I landed a newsreader role with Prime TV, starting a new career in a regional city.

Throughout this time, I developed camera communication techniques, emcee and hosting skills, and camera confidence, which I now share with others.

From starting in media as an on-air presenter, I went on to work in public relations for over 25 years, initially working behind the scenes for ABC TV in Australia as a "publicist to the stars". That was really my first practical application of personal branding where I arranged photo shoots, wrote bios, and conducted personality profiling for celebrities and actors. I eventually ran my own consultancy and served as VP of Public Relations and Communications in a corporate company.

Today, I love teaching and sharing my knowledge of personal branding with others. It all started with speaking and training, which helped me promote my PR business and develop confident presentation skills. I've also published two books on personal branding, titled "The Power of Personal Public Relations" and "IMPRESSario – Present and Promote the Star Within You."

Throughout my career, my passion has always been helping others enhance their image, build reputation, and gain recognition. Let me help you shine and achieve success in your own career or business.

My Story

The Benefits to Your Business of Personal Branding Include:

  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Strengthened confidence and sense of belonging with organisation
  • Clear goals and personal development plan for career
  • Increased profile and level of influence to stand out from the competition
  • Stronger professional image and business brand culture
  • Increased demand from customers

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