Apr 30, 2015

Master the Media Interview to Make your Mark

I began my media career for Prime Television in Wagga Wagga, a regional city in Australia. I clearly recall the day when Prime flew me down from Sydney for the audition. I was absolutely petrified. They sat me on the set, put the autocue up in front of me and said, “Action!” Well, my palms were sweating, my knees where shaking, my voice was somewhere up in my throat…but somehow I did get through it and passed the audition test. I was later offered the job as newsreader. When we’re asked to do a media interview, we need to put this fear or nervousness into perspective. We do not want to lose this opportunity to showcase our personal brand or business. ..

Apr 23, 2015

Develop a Purpose to Your Presentation

One client I worked with was invited to speak on a panel at an industry conference. This presenting opportunity was a chance to showcase his personal brand and company brand. Now that could have been okay – just answering the questions put to him by the chair of the panel. But by understanding the true objective of this engagement he was able to maximise the opportunity and ended up gaining media exposure – a further way to grow his brand. ..

Apr 16, 2015

Speak Up For Personal Brand Success

I clearly remember in 2001 being a mentee in Women in Business a program run by The Department of State and Regional Development in NSW. I was there to learn more about running my small PR business and during the course of the program we learnt about setting goals. I shared with the group that one goal I had was to be a professional speaker. As it happens one of the mentors in the program ran a networking group and said to me, “I’d love to have you as our speaker as our next event.”   ..READ MORE
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