Sep 19, 2019

How to Determine the Personality of Your Personal Brand

When you started in business no doubt you thought about your skill set and the type of business you would like to run. Perhaps you’re clear on your mission and vision and know the clients you ideally would like to work with. But have you thought about the personality of your brand? ..

Sep 12, 2019

Try These Points to Progress Your Personal Brand

As I head toward a milestone in my business (albeit with a few iterations along the way), it is a timely reminder to look at and perhaps refresh what I offer my clients. As I go through this process, and to help you, I’m sharing this piece I wrote a long time ago on personal branding. ..

Sep 05, 2019

Transform Your Personal Brand in Spring

Spring transformation sounds more like what you need to do in the garden or perhaps it is to, ‘spring clean’ around the house. What about you and your brand? Is it time for a fresh look or brand reinvigoration? ..

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