May 12, 2016

Seven Key Tactics of Self-Marketing

All the world’s a stage and each man in his time plays many parts…(to borrow loosely from Shakespeare). How’s your role-playing going? Are you like me as a business manager busy working “on” your business and including, sales, PR, event management, marketing and promotion into the part you play? We all have a number of platforms or stages to choose from to ensure recognition for our personal or business brand. But these days we're bombarded with so much information from the moment we wake up – checking our iPhones, to the time we fall asleep at night – probably checking our iPhones again. It's getting faster, busier and crazier. Or is that just me?  ..

Feb 18, 2016

Leaders Love Their Brand and Business

If you're not in love with your business, why should your employees or customers be? This is a quote from Kevin Roberts Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi in his book on branding called Lovemarks. He says, “To me, it's all about spirit, not about values. Lovemarks go beyond the relationships to a loving relationship. If you want to create a Lovemark, you've got to be passionately in love with your own business.” He goes on to say that great brands have always been created with love, with inspiration, with emotion. Are you in love with your brand – personal or professional? ..

Jan 07, 2016

Your 12 Month Plan to Personal Brand Success

January to me is a great month, most people seem to have an optimistic outlook for the year ahead and positive intentions are set particularly about making some sort of change or reinvention to ourselves. So with 12 months ahead to make 2016 your time to shine, I have highlighted a tip for each month that will help you grow your personal and professional brand. Yes they are intertwined whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you as an individual are representing an overall company brand. It could be XYZ corporate brand or Ms CEO of You.  ..

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