Nov 08, 2018

Ten Tips to Create your Brand Content Plan

The Spring Racing Carnival is well underway, and the Melbourne Cup has been raced for 2018. This major event is highlighted on my desk calendar along with; January, time to hit the beach and February, love is in the air. And so it goes for the year, reminding businesses to get any themed printing done on time.  ..

Nov 01, 2018

Six Steps to Showcase your Brand with a Special Event

Over the past few weeks I have been busy planning and promoting my Boost Your Brand for High Visibility workshop to help women in business devise a communication plan to help them stand out more in 2019. ..

Oct 11, 2018

Marketing Your Magic to Shine

If you don’t know why, why would other people buy? This is really the first step in marketing yourself; knowing your purpose and having belief in what you do. I was reminded of this when I again viewed the famous Simon Sinek Ted Talk on, Begin with Why. He says, that knowing your why can help you act with purpose. ..

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