shine academy workshops

Sue Currie’s Shine Academy professional development programs help entrepreneurs, executives and business CEO’s to create more impact and influence so that you, your team and your business achieve greater levels of success.

We deliver in-house and public workshops to elevate your personal brand, professional image, presentation brand and public profile.

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Personal Brand Strategies to Develop a Reputation that Shines

Build Employee Brand Ambassadors

Do you want to improve customer relationships by developing team members to consistently communicate a professional, credible and trustworthy brand?

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Shine for Women in Business

Upskill Your Business Presence

Do you want to lead the way as a woman in business through increased confidence and learning how to promote you and your brand through personal and professional branding skills?

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Public Relations to Build Brand Visibility and Business

Communicate Your Success

Does your business, association or network need to gain more media attention through understanding and implementing social media and public relations strategies?

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Presentation Savvy to Shine in the Spotlight

Develop Standout Public Speaking Skills 

Do you need to gain confidence with business presentation skills or when handling media interviews? This training will help you learn how to communicate your key messages and present well on stage or camera.

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